Water-Soluble Kratom Powder Technology:

Enables Premium Beverages and Food Products

Craft potent, enjoyable therapeutic beverages, foods, tablets, and effervescent tablets with our fast-acting, highly-bioavailable water-soluble kratom powder.

Kratom Beverages:

A Highly Attractive but Challenging Target

Beverages can be a great way to consume therapeutic bioactives. Making fast-acting, effective and pleasant-tasting functional beverages with kratom, however, has been a challenge until now. The solubility of mitragynine in neutral-pH and alkaline water is too low (0.0187 mg/ml at pH 9) )[1]. In acidic water, the solubility is higher (3.5 mg/ml at pH 4), however, mitragynine becomes unstable (10 % loss in 6 hours) )[1], so low-pH beverages have an extremely short shelf life.

Several vendors offer concentrated liquid kratom products (shots) with claims of improved mitragynine solubility, however, those products are based on solvents (mainly propylene glycol—the base ingredient of antifreeze) rather than water and tend to be extremely unpleasant (and unhealthy) to consume.

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Kratom Therapeutic Benefits

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree of the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. Its leaves contain over 50 alkaloids, two of which—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine [2]—are known to produce therapeutic effects: stimulant at low/medium doses and sedative at high doses [3].

A typical amount of mitragynine in a single kratom-based product serving is around 50 mg, with which most users report increased energy and focus (great for competitive sports or general workout), improved work capacity and alertness, heightened sociability, and enhanced libido. At higher doses, kratom has been reported to reduce anxiety and pain, alleviate fatigue and depression, and effectively treat opioid and alcohol withdrawal symptoms [3].

Kratom Serving Amounts

Dry kratom leaves typically contain 1 – 1.5 % of mitragynine and an effectively negligible amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine. A common 50 mg mitragynine dose (adjusted up or down, depending on tolerance) corresponds to 3 – 5 g of the leaves, usually consumed by swallowing several capsules or tablets containing the dry leaf powder [4]. Kratom leaves can also be chewed or brewed, however, these consumption methods lead to unpredictable dosing and are unpleasant to most users due to kratom’s bitter and earthy taste.

Alternatively, kratom alkaloids can be extracted from the leaves, resulting in much more potent products. Unfortunately, since most extraction methods involve toxic organic solvents such as methanol, petroleum ether, hexane, chloroform, and methylene chloride [5], product contamination with residual solvents is common.

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Prolonged daily kratom use may lead to dependence. Do not consume simultaneously with other drugs to avoid the possibility of serious side effects.

Problem Solved!

Our proprietary technology overcomes the limitations that have been standing in the way of creating effective, fast-acting, pleasant-tasting, and stable kratom-infused beverages.

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Highly Water-Soluble Kratom

Rapid Solubility in Water or Any Other Beverage

Our technology permits formulating mitragynine as a highly water-soluble powder, without making any modifications to its structure or functionality. This enables us to create effervescent kratom extract tablets that rapidly and fully dissolve in water (to full transparency and regardless of pH) or any other beverage and allow mitragynine to remain stable in any environment (before and after dissolution). Other product possibilities include water-soluble kratom powder sachets, ready-to-brew items (tea, ground coffee, mate), infused instant powders (protein blends, instant coffee), as well as a wide variety of finished mitragynine-infused beverages.

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