Nanokinetics® Water-Soluble Technology

The challenge is that most flavor and therapeutic (bioactive) substances are oil-soluble (lipophilic) and, as such, do not dissolve in water. This makes them practically impossible to mix into beverages—they quickly form a separate layer—and difficult to for the water-based human body to absorb, resulting in low bioavailability and delayed onset of therapeutic action.

Our technology meets this challenge by making oils effectively water-soluble. We formulate lipophilic substances—full- and broad-spectrum plant extracts, distillates, bioactive isolates, vitamins, essential oils, terpenes, nutraceuticals—as suspensions of nanometer-sized oil droplets in water or in dry water-soluble binders. Such liquid and powdered nano-formulations are water-compatible and can be easily infused into food and beverage products, where the droplets remain invisible, homogeneously distributed and permanently stable.



Digestive Absorption of Lipophilic Substances: Why Water-Soluble Nanoemulsions Act Rapidly

Why does making lipophilic substances effectively water-soluble allow them to act rapidly and reproducibly (like alcoholic beverages) rather than slowly and unreliably (like traditional cannabis edibles)?

Pre-Clinical Study Results: Nanoemulsion Outperform Oil Solution by 19X

We recently completed a groundbreaking pre-clinical pharmacokinetic study, comparing two orally administered Δ8-THC nanoemulsions (liquid and powdered) with a Δ8-THC solution in MCT oil. The results are detailed in our latest manuscript, currently in press at AAPS PharmSciTech.

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