Development and Production Services for Your Brand

We offer B2B development and on-demand production of fast-acting water-soluble liquid and powdered nano-formulations

Partnering with Nanokinetics® for water-soluble nano-formulation development empowers our clients to streamline their product development processes. Our proficiency lies within crafting water-soluble nano-formulations from ANY bioactive that does not dissolve in water, such as kratom powder extract, kava, COQ10, mushroom extracts, etc. This comprehensive approach enables you to allocate your resources effectively, focusing on the core areas of your product development endeavors.

Whether you are venturing into the realm of CBD water soluble powder, exploring the benefits of a bitter blocker, or investigating mitragynine extraction for kratom, our nano-formulation expertise ensures dedicated support in launching and scaling your beverage, food, or nutraceutical product with precision.


Hemp-Based Formulations

Fast-acting hemp-based nanoemulsions in a liquid and powdered form

Kratom-Based Formulations

Water-soluble kratom powder and effervescent tablets

Bitter Blocker Formulations

Reduce the bitterness of your bioactives and improve their taste

Custom Formulations

Water-soluble formulations development

Enabling Your Infused Products

Natural bioactive ingredients extracted from hemp, kratom, and various other plants and mushrooms often pose solubility and stability challenges in water, impeding their onset of action and efficacy. This complicates the development of stable and efficacious infused products like beverages, gummies, or edibles.

As a leading US-based firm specializing in formulation development for drug delivery, Nanokinetics® leverages our proprietary ultrasonic technology and expertise in pharmacokinetic enhancement to overcome these hurdles. Our innovative approach enables us to formulate plant and mushroom extracts into freely water-soluble liquids and powders, ensuring they are fast-acting, highly bioavailable, and stable. This transformative process results in products that are not only pleasant-tasting but also ideal for integration into beverages, gummies, supplements and other finished products, meeting the exacting standards of our clients.

Featured Formulation:

Effervescent Tablets with Water-Soluble Kratom Extract

Fully water-soluble effervescent kratom extract tablets. Just drop into a glass or bottle of water for a fast-acting, highly effective and pleasant-tasting beverage.

water-soluble kratom tablets formula


At Nanokinetics®, our hallmark is adaptability to individual customer requirements. We offer rapid on-demand development and production of advanced water-soluble formulations, leveraging high-intensity ultrasonic technology as the central element of our proprietary process. Our commitment to innovation and precision ensures that we deliver solutions tailored to your needs, elevating the effectiveness of natural extracts and meeting the highest standards of quality and performance.

We would love to work with you and your brand!

Our nano-formulation ingredients solutions, including making kratom, kava, CBD and THC water-soluble are meticulously crafted to meet your specific requirements and are available in small quantities and bulk. This flexibility empowers businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large-scale manufacturers, to procure the necessary quantities precisely when they are needed.

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